Research proposal Love me tinder

Introduction and background

Tinder and the game

Tinder has changed the dating scene completely. Where in the beginning online dating was seen as desperate, tinder came and changed the game. Tinder has over more than 50 million users, and an average of 1.6 billion swipes a day. The success of tinder has to do with the fact that it’s a simple concept, you see someone you like swipe right, and if you don’t swipe left. There is no 400 question registration process or difficult matchmaking tricks.


There are different styles of dating apps and websites.

  1. Geolocation matching: this is the style tinder uses. You can see potential matches that are geographically close.
  2. Matching algorithm based: these dating apps offer services to match you with your potential perfect match based on algorithms that are found after a personal survey.
  3. Traditional: the ‘old-school’ dating apps. These are for examples where you create a profile for yourself and find people you think are matches. For example, the dating site lexa.
  4. Niche: Niche dating apps target a specific group of people. For example, the app ‘inner circle’ only lets you join when someone invites you. So you are basically seeing matches that you may know personally. They consider themselves a high end dating app.

The main competitors of tinder in the Netherlands are:

  1. Badoo
  2. Hot or Not
  3. Happn

Problem description

Tinder is competing with more and more other online dating apps with newer features. Even though most dating apps are based on the tinder template, they are more focused on renewal. This research will focus on what kind of features tinder can add to improve their user interface so that they can compete with other apps and so that they will not lose any users.

Research questions

Policy question:

How can tinder add special features to compete with newer online dating apps?

Main research question:

‘what kind of features can tinder add to improve their user interface?’


  1. What kind of special features does tinder have now?
  2. What is tinder’s reputation?


Research design and methodology

Deductive research

This research will follow a deductive research approach. With this approach, you start with a theoretical framework (Mark Saunders, 2004) and after the information and data are gathered, the results will give information to create an appropriate advice for the company.

Descriptive research

This research will use a descriptive research. This type of research is used to investigate with the purpose of giving a clear image of persons, events and/or situations (Mark Saunders, 2004). By doing so this research will give insights on how the users are experiencing the app and what kind of features they are missing. This will also give insights on how users perceive tinder. Are they using the app to find love or just for casual dating? This kind of research will give answers to ‘who’ and ‘what’, but not to ‘why’. This why exploratory research will be used to answer the questions ‘what is happening’

Exploratory research

This method is used to find out ‘what is happening’, to create new insights, to ask questions and to explore situations in a new light (Mark Saunders, 2004).


Netlytic is an online free platform where researchers can download information on the web and make an analysis based on the obtained data. It works with big social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Literature review

Carpinthera, E. (2016, december 19). Here is why we use Tinder. Retrieved from

13 motives to use tinder

The website love in times with tinder has conducted a research regarding with what the motives to use tinder are for tinder users. The researcher used a sample of 3000 tinder users. The most common motive was that they were using the app for amusement. To pass time when they were sitting in the train or when they had their lunch break. Close second was curiosity, to see what all the fuss was about. To find out what is this app everyone was using, some of them stick around and some of them found that this was not their ‘thing’. Even though Tinder has the image of being their solely for users to find hook-ups, the motive ‘causal sex’ is in the bottom of the list. Even though tinder has so many users, you don’t use tinder to ‘be cool’.

How can these motives help with finding out which features tinder can add?


Online search

Google trends

When exploring the tinder section of google trends some search terms stood out in particular:

  • Pick up lines
  • OkCupid
  • Bumble
  • Best Bio Tinder

Tinder Pick up lines Help – 5620000 results

People also searched for

tinder opening lines for a girl

best pickup lines 2018

curly hair pick up lines

best tinder bio

good pick up lines

best tinder openers

We can conclude that with so many searches for tinder pick-up lines, that people are having a hard time with creating good pick up line their selves to start a conversation.

Passport feature Tinder

This feature is only available for tinder plus users. Tinder works on locations, so it shows the actual location where you are. But with tinder passport, you can set your location anywhere you want. So for example, if you are going on a holiday and you want to meet new people, just simply put your location on your holiday destination and there you go.



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